Movements In Synergy Download 
Several melodic lines form a continuous movement. For small symphony orchestra. © Arjan Dekkers
Standing In The Rain You Brought ... Download 
For piano and string orchestra. Arjan plays the piano part himself in one take. © Arjan Dekkers

Soundscape Showreel

A compilation of short pieces suitable for commercials or various productions. © Arjan Dekkers

Indian Dance Download 
Music written for a documentairy about native american children. © Arjan Dekkers
Symfonietta Download 
Fragment from a contemporary piece for symphony orchestra.© Arjan Dekkers
Ringtone Download 
Symphonic ringtone ©Arjan Dekkers
Who's There? Download 
Composed for a short thriller movie. ©Arjan Dekkers
Annabelle Download 
is what's called a " Lite motiv ", a melody linked to a person, which returns throughout the picture. © Arjan Dekkers
A Tribute To Filmmaking Download 
A fine example of the way Arjan likes to give strings a life of their own in music. © Arjan Dekkers